Buffalo Hits Number 38 on the Top 50 Robocalled Cities in America

A Robocall is a call generated by an automatic dialing telephone system, i.e. any call not initiated by a human finger, and their use is largely regulated by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. These types of calls have become a huge headache for consumers. Despite the illegality, the amount of Robocalls being made to consumers […]

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Receiving VA Disability Benefits For PTSD

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that is most often recognized as affecting veterans who have been in combat situations.  PTSD can result from a person experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event, and can cause nightmares, terrors, anxiety, and other symptoms that can affect a person’s daily life.  Being diagnosed with PTSD […]

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Consent And Telemarketers

Telemarketing to promote goods or services has been in use as a means to reach a wide cross section of consumers to promote goods or services for a long time.  Advances in technology have eliminated the time spent in making such calls, making them more cost effective as a marketing tool.  Telemarketing calls, especially robocalls […]

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Creditors And Your Social Security Disability Benefits

Dealing with creditors can be stressful, especially if you are on a limited income.  Creditors may sue a debtor and receive a judgment against him or her, with a court order to get the owed money directly from the debtor’s bank account through garnishment.  When a debtor is receiving Social Security Disability benefits, the thought […]

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Veterans’ Mortgage Life Insurance

When a family member dies it can be a devastating blow to a family unit in many ways, including financially. The death of a family member could mean that the rest of the person’s immediate family can no longer meet their mortgage obligations and could face foreclosure.  For some veterans the Department of Veterans Affairs […]

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