Robocall and Telemarketing Consumer Complaint Data To Be Released by the FCC

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently released a press release announcing that it will begin making available on a weekly basis data on consumer complaints regarding robocalling and telemarketing abuses. The most common type of complaint that the FCC receives are complaints regarding unwanted calls and texts made to consumers by telemarketers and robots. In […]

Auto Fraud Through False Advertising And Fake Contests

One of the ways that car dealers entice consumers into buying new and used cars is through advertising, and when that advertising is misleading or false with the intention of deceiving unsuspecting consumers, it is a deceptive business practice and is a form of auto fraud. False advertising is one of the most commonly employed […]

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Robocalls Affect Businesses Too

Robocalls are those annoying automated telemarketers that annoy consumers repeatedly and sometimes illegally to elicit personal information or payments of some sort from unsuspecting consumers. More and more robocalls are being made to consumers because rapid advances in technology and the simplicity of using telephone communication methods via the internet have made it so easy […]

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Garnishment of Social Security Disability Benefits

Social Security disability insurance benefits can be a significant source of income for many disabled Americans. But these benefits are not guaranteed, and can be terminated or reduced in certain situations. When you owe money to a government entity, the United States government working through the Social Security Administration, has the ability to deduct money […]

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Factors That Impact Social Security Disability Benefit Payments

When you apply for Social Security disability benefits, how much you will get if your application is successful depends on a number of factors, but in particular how much money you are receiving from other sources is prime among them. There are situations where, in addition to being eligible for Social Security disability due to […]

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New Bill Would Enhance Protection for Service Members

Nine Democrat United States senators introduced legislation last month that would enable the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to enforce provisions of the Service member’s Civil Relief Act. The new bill (named the Military Consumer Protection Act) would officially give the CFPB power it has been exercising only indirectly up until this point. The goal, according […]


Top Reasons Why Your Social Security Benefits Stopped

Some recipients of Social Security benefits mistakenly believe that once they have qualified for benefits that they will continue to receive benefits perpetually. Nothing is further from the truth. These individuals are destined for a rude awakening when one day, seemingly out of nowhere, they receive a letter from the Social Security Administration (SSA) indicating […]


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