VA Disability Ratings: All 100% Ratings are not Created Equal

One of the first things veterans seeking disability benefits learn about is the rating system and how it works. Once you have applied for veterans’ disability benefits and the VA has determined that your injuries are connected to your military service, the VA will assign a “rating” to that disability. The process by which this occurs […]

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Medical Equivalence to an Impairment

Part of the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) five-step disability determination process involves examining the medical condition of the claimant to see if the claimant’s condition is listed in the SSA regulations as an impairment. If the claimant’s condition is listed in the regulations – such as chronic kidney disease – then the five-step analysis stops and […]

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Potential Changes to VA Rating Program May Mean Less Benefits for Veterans

More changes to the VA disability process may be in store after the Wall Street Journal uncovered that a computer program may be awarding veterans more benefits than they would otherwise receive. According to current and former VA employees, VA raters – those who determine the level of disability of a veteran and what compensation the […]

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Appealing A VA Disability Claim

If you’ve served in the military, and have suffered from some type of mental or physical disability during your time of service, then it’s likely that you’ve gone through the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) to get disability compensation. Normally the VA should be there to help you, but there are times when your […]

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