Robocalls and Caller ID Spoofing – Who Is Hiding Behind The Call?

It can be quite a strange experience to look down at your ringing telephone to realize that according to the caller ID, you are calling yourself.  Upon answering the phone call, your bewilderment may turn into annoyance as you realize that the phone call is actually a robocall from a telemarketer or a debt collector.  […]

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Receiving Veterans Disability And Social Security Disability Benefits At The Same Time

Wounded veterans who are unable to continue their military service or work in any capacity do not often know that they have another option, social security disability, in addition to veteran’s disability to receive benefits.  Due to the way social security disability eligibility is calculated, a veteran may be able to claim benefits under both […]

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Veterans And Special Monthly Compensation

There are some disabilities that a veteran may suffer in the course of their service that are considered so severe that they are compensated differently from other disabilities.  These disabilities are compensated through special monthly compensation, and the benefits can be received in place of or in addition to other disability benefits a veteran may […]

Stopping Annoying Robocalls

Robocalls are annoying tools often used by telemarketers and debt collectors across the United States.  For people who would like to take steps to avoid receiving annoying robocalls there are steps they can take that are approved by the federal consumer protection agency, the Federal Communications Commission.  Under the FCC rules, consumers are similarly protected […]

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Offsets Applicable To Social Security Disability Benefits

When you are injured and may be receiving social security disability benefits, the last thing you may want to hear is that your benefits may be reduced.  Depending on how you were injured, you may be receiving additional payments from private insurance, workers’ compensation, public disability payments, or other sources.  If the sources of your […]

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Social Security Benefits Based On A Divorced Spouse’s Record

When you get a divorce you may think that you and your spouse are done receiving financial benefits from each other with the exception of what a judge orders.  However, a spouse, especially one who is having trouble making ends meet, might be happy to learn that they may receive additional social security benefits based […]

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How to avoid Common Mistakes when you are Denied Social Security Disability

Have you been working and now have a medical condition that prevents you from working for at least 12 months or even end in death?  Consider applying for Social Security Disability.  You should apply as soon as you become disabled as it can take up to three or five months to process your application.  To make […]

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Understanding Veteran’s Disability Benefits and Types of Disabilities

Are you an injured veteran of the U.S. armed forces planning on filing for Veterans’ Disability benefits?  Depending on several factors, you may be entitled to substantial compensation.  If you are planning on filing, it is important that you have a clear understanding of the types of disabilities sufficient to be awarded such benefits.  This […]

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