Understanding Veteran’s Disability Benefits and Types of Disabilities

Are you an injured veteran of the U.S. armed forces planning on filing for Veterans’ Disability benefits?  Depending on several factors, you may be entitled to substantial compensation.  If you are planning on filing, it is important that you have a clear understanding of the types of disabilities sufficient to be awarded such benefits.  This […]

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Robocalls and your Rights

Today, the number of robocalls has increased significantly.  Robocalls occur when you answer the phone and instead of hearing the voice of a live person, you hear a recorded message.  Companies, or individuals, send these Robocalls by either using a technology with the capacity to autodial or by using a pre-recorded or artificial voice.  The […]

Another Win For Team Kenneth Hiller!

We here at the Law Offices of Kenneth Hiller fight hard every day for our clients. And while we don’t like to toot our own horn too much, every once in awhile we like to highlight a case that exemplifies the results of that hard work. Attorney Elizabeth Haungs, successfully argued to the United States District Court, […]

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The HANGUP: A New Bill That Could Protect Debtors With Federally-Backed Debts From Being Harassed by Robocalls

As a general rule, Americans are protected from harassing robocalls made by debt collectors by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). However, many individuals are unaware that under the Budget Act of 2015, debt collectors seeking to collect on debts guaranteed by the federal government, such as federally-backed student loans and mortgages, are exempt from […]

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Who Can Receive Social Security Benefits on Your Earnings Record?

In addition to being able to collect Social Security disability benefits for yourself, once you start receiving your benefits, certain family members of yours may also be eligible to collect benefits based on your earnings record. This is sometimes referred to as family benefits. Family benefits are beneficial in situations where your family members may […]

Robocall and Telemarketing Consumer Complaint Data To Be Released by the FCC

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently released a press release announcing that it will begin making available on a weekly basis data on consumer complaints regarding robocalling and telemarketing abuses. The most common type of complaint that the FCC receives are complaints regarding unwanted calls and texts made to consumers by telemarketers and robots. In […]

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