Consent And Telemarketers

Telemarketing to promote goods or services has been in use as a means to reach a wide cross section of consumers to promote goods or services for a long time.  Advances in technology have eliminated the time spent in making such calls, making them more cost effective as a marketing tool.  Telemarketing calls, especially robocalls […]

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Creditors And Your Social Security Disability Benefits

Dealing with creditors can be stressful, especially if you are on a limited income.  Creditors may sue a debtor and receive a judgment against him or her, with a court order to get the owed money directly from the debtor’s bank account through garnishment.  When a debtor is receiving Social Security Disability benefits, the thought […]

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Veterans’ Mortgage Life Insurance

When a family member dies it can be a devastating blow to a family unit in many ways, including financially. The death of a family member could mean that the rest of the person’s immediate family can no longer meet their mortgage obligations and could face foreclosure.  For some veterans the Department of Veterans Affairs […]

Can I Receive Social Security Disability For Migraines?

A terrible headache can cause pain and keep you from functioning at your best.  The pain from a chronic migraine can be much worse than a headache, and can cause debilitating pain that keeps most migraine sufferers from working even for hours or days after the migraine attack.  Chronic migraines also frequently have additional symptoms […]


The Plan For Achieving Self Support And SSI Benefits

When a person is receiving supplemental security income (SSI) benefits based on a disability, it may be difficult for him or her to save money for starting a business or vocational training that would allow a means to increase his or her monthly income.  This is because money that is put aside or saved may […]

The FCC Limiting Robocalls In Connection With Government Backed Loans

While the Telephone Consumer Protection Act protects consumers from robocalls on cellular telephones from telemarketers and debt collectors, it specifically exempts from its restrictions debt collectors’ robocalls regarding loans backed by the federal government.  This exemption was a result of amendments to the law made in 2015, and covered student loans, mortgages, and other debts […]


Seeking Employment After A Service Related Injury

Veterans who suffer service related injuries can sometimes find themselves unable to do activities and routine things they could previously do, including some occupational tasks.  This limits the kinds of jobs the injured veterans can secure after their service.  Fortunately, there are programs available to help veterans re-enter the workforce despite their service related injuries, […]

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