The Effect Of Alcoholism And Drug Addiction On Disability Benefits

Although alcoholism is a chronic disease which cannot be cured and affects large sections of the population, it is not a condition for which a person can receive social security disability benefits. Similarly, people who are addicted or dependent on drugs for daily functioning are not automatically awarded disability benefits based on the drug addiction […]

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Receiving Disability Benefits After A Car Accident

Injuries sustained as a result of a car accident can vary greatly depending on the seriousness of the accident. Some people are able to walk away with minor cuts and bruises, while others receive fractures or worse. Because Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits are sometimes perceived as benefits that are paid out whenever a […]

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Law Offices of Kenneth Hiller Obtains $182,208.02 Award on Behalf of Mentally Disabled Veteran from Department of Veterans Affairs

Donald J. volunteered to join the Army during the height of the Iraq war.  Unfortunately, after going through basic training, he suffered an initial onset of schizophrenia just as he was about to deploy.  These same symptoms have continued to significantly interfere with his ability to work and function ever since.  When he applied for […]

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Medicare Coverage For Disability Benefits Recipients

Generally, a person with a medical condition or disability that keeps him from working or doing other daily activities can qualify for disability benefits through Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or, if they also meet the financial requirements, through Supplemental Security Income (SSI).  Once a person receives benefits through these government programs for a period […]

Assistance For Caregivers Of Disabled Veterans

Veterans who have service-related disabilities sometimes require caregivers to assist with daily tasks.  These caregivers may be professionals hired to provide this service, but they may also be family members.  For veterans who were injured and suffered a disability after September 11, 2001, their family caregivers may be eligible for the Comprehensive Assistance for Family […]

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Buffalo Hits Number 38 on the Top 50 Robocalled Cities in America

A Robocall is a call generated by an automatic dialing telephone system, i.e. any call not initiated by a human finger, and their use is largely regulated by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. These types of calls have become a huge headache for consumers. Despite the illegality, the amount of Robocalls being made to consumers […]

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