A Social Security Disability Message From Kenneth Hiller

The Social Security Administration is denying more claims than ever before. Because of that it is very important that you have an advocate in your corner fighting to get you the benefits you deserve. At the Law Offices of Kenneth Hiller we will take your claim as far as it takes,  including appealing it if […]

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Kenneth Hiller On Veterans Disability

Here at the Law Offices of Kenneth Hiller we understand how frustrating it can be for our veterans, who have given everything to our country, when they are denied the benefits they deserve by the government that they they risked everything for. We will fight as hard and as long as it takes to ensure […]

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Lemon Law and Pets In NY

Traditionally, lemon laws are focused on guarantying warranty protection for buyers buying certain cars, boats, motorhomes and other similar goods. However, there are expanded lemon laws focused on helping consumers that purchase other types of property, including pets. Note that while pets such as dogs and cats are considered by most people to be a […]

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Car Dealers Running Your Credit Without Permission

When a car dealer checks your credit score by running your credit report, this is likely to show up on your credit report as a “hard” inquiry, which could negatively affect you by lowering your credit score. The importance of credit scores should not be underestimated. Lenders and other service providers such as insurance companies […]

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