Credit Card and Debt Buyer Lawsuits

Defending You Against Credit Card and Debt Buyer Lawsuits

Have you gotten a summons for a credit card or debt buyer lawsuit? Have you discovered that a creditor or debt buyer already has a judgment against you and is now garnishing your wages and freezing your bank accounts? Are you wondering what to do next?

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Moving Quickly to Protect Your Rights After a Summons

If a credit card debt is overdue, the credit card company can file a debt collection lawsuit. It can also sell its right to collect on the debt to another company called a debt buyer, which can then sue you, sometimes years after the original debt was incurred.

If you have been served with a , you should call an attorney right away, even if your lender is promising to make a deal or you believe the summons is fake. (It almost always is not fake!)

You have very little time to dispute a debt collection lawsuit. If you allow the company suing you to obtain a default judgment by failing to timely answer the lawsuit, it will be much harder to avoid consequences like wage garnishment and frozen bank accounts. In some cases, you only have ten days to answer the lawsuit.

Creditors may use tactics to delay you from contacting a credit card defense lawyer. They may claim that they are willing to work out a deal, but they are under no legal obligation to do so, and they could be pursuing a lawsuit behind your back.

Exploring All of Your Options in Response to a Lawsuit

There are several things our attorneys can do to help in credit card and debt buyer defense cases. First, if a creditor has already obtained a default judgment because they sent the summons to the wrong address or misled you in some way, we may be able to have the judgment vacated.

Second, there are several defenses that can be used against these lawsuits. Many of these suits are brought too late, after the statute of limitations has expired. Also, debt buyers often cannot produce paperwork proving that you owe them anything.

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