VA Disability Benefits

The Law Offices of Kenneth Hiller represents Veterans of the United States Armed Forces in Service-Connected Disability claims. In order to receive disability benefits, veterans must connect their service to their health condition. At The Law Offices of Kenneth Hiller, we can help you get the full benefits you deserve.

What is Service-Connected Disability Compensation?

A service-connected disability is an injury or illness that is a result of military service or is aggravated during active service. The Veterans Affairs office is responsible for determining whether a disability is considered service-connected. Once a disability has been deemed service-connected, veterans are eligible to receive monthly, non-taxable compensation, which varies based on the degree of disability and the number of eligible dependents. There are many additional benefits that veterans can receive for service-connected disabilities, beyond monthly compensation. These include automobile allowances for adaptive equipment, dental care, and housing grants.

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Types of Service-Connected Disabilities

There are a wide variety of illnesses and injuries that can be considered service-connected disabilities. These disabilities fall under six main categories:

  • Direct Service Connection – This type of connection is established when veterans are able to provide proof that an incident in service caused a condition. It’s important to provide medical records or incident reports to substantiate these claims. Under some circumstances, witness testimony or professional medical opinions may suffice.
  • Aggravated Service Connection – This connection is used when a veteran entered service with a pre-existing illness or injury which was aggravated by service. Proof for this connection includes evidence of the illness or injury before entering service and evidence that the disability was made worse through service.
  • Presumptive Service Connection – Medical conditions that are a result of certain conditions a veteran may have been subject to in service fall under this connection. These disabilities can include certain illnesses in POWs, exposure to a chemical agent, chronic health injuries, some cancers, brain injuries, and infectious diseases.
  • Secondary Service Connection – Disabilities that fall under this connection are those that are caused by service-connected disabilities or pre-existing conditions that are aggravated by service-connected disabilities. Examples of these disabilities include a service-connected elbow injury that leads to a shoulder injury or depression caused by chronic pain.
  • Paired Organs – When a service-connected disability occurs in one of a pair of organs, then the veteran might be able to qualify for benefits for the non-injured organ. For example, if a veteran has a service-connected or aggravated condition in their left eye, they might qualify for benefits for their right eye.
  • 1151 Service Connection – Disabilities that fall under these claims are those that are related to hospital, medical, or rehabilitative care by a VA professional or facility.

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